With an educational background in science (comparable to UK A level standard) and with a qualification from ISIT (Higher Education Institution for Translation and Interpretation) I have been translating technical and editorial texts from English into French since 1999. To guarantee you the best quality translations I translate only into my mother tongue and in my specialist subjects.
Fifteen years of experience culminate in:
• thousands of words translated, use of a wide variety of formats, competence using translation tools and for you, quality and consistency assured
• specialisation in subjects which I am passionate about and for you, services which meet your needs and resolve your problems
• considerable professional development in drafting marketing materials, in translation tools, in my specialist subjects and for you, translations bringing real added value
• a network of colleagues I can refer you to for your work in other languages or in other specialist fields.
You can be secure in the knowledge that your translation is in good hands and will be supplied to you on time and respecting your confidentiality.
• Is your business intending to branch out into the French market in any of the following sectors? Luxury goods, tourism, capital goods, computer and electronic goods for the general public. Or do you want to communicate with your stakeholders whilst maintaining your brand image?
I can translate your: press releases, Internet site content, newsletters, training materials, marketing content.
• Is your international or non-governmental organisation active in French speaking countries? Does your project need to be translated in order to benefit from the support it deserves?
I can translate your: activity reports, training materials, press releases, documents intended for funding providers.
• Do you want to communicate your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy to your French-speaking stakeholders? Do you work in an environmental assessment office and need a French version of your environmental impact assessment?
I can translate your: environmental impact assessments for mines, thermal power plants, marine renewable energy projects, reports and publications in the field of biodiversity, particularly for the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).
Passionate about MRE (Marine Renewable Energy), I regularly attend conferences and specialist exhibitions to continually improve my knowledge in this sector: wave energy, tidal stream, offshore wind and OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion).
I am also interested in the desalination applications of OTEC and other desalination techniques.
I can translate your: popular science articles, training materials, reports, business presentations, editorial or more technical content.
• Energy efficiency, passive buildings, wind and solar energy, ecological greenhouses.
I can translate your: popular science articles, reports, business presentations, newsletters, training materials, editorial or technical content.
Don’t hesitate to write to me for a quote or additional information. Please feel free to read my terms of business.
Tel : +44 7761 802 145 - Email : l.echasserieau@polyphonie-fr.com